MEGA SESSION: The Anatomy of 'AHA!': How Creativity Happens

SHRM 2012 Annual Conference
This session will explore what we know about creativity and the strategies you can use to ensure your organization is capitalizing on your employee's a-ha moments.
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The need for creativity and innovation in organizations has never been greater. Yet creativity is thought of as a mysterious, uncontrollable phenomenon, with little understanding of where it comes from and how it works. Much of that has changed in the last 10 years as neuroscience researchers have set their sights to the moment of insight itself. While there is still much to learn, we now have a dramatically better understanding of what it takes to have insight, what happens when we do, and what happens afterward to make insight so important. Many of these findings point to quite different strategies for increasing creativity than a lot of organizations currently use. In short: the science is making breakthroughs but organizations are not quite keeping up. This session provides a deep dive into what we now know about the moment of insight itself, but in an engaging, fun and approachable way.