Tough Lessons: Managing Employee Moral and Ethical Dilemmas

SHRM 2012 Strategy Conference
Workplace Application: Learn how to develop a strategy to help your employees manage and achieve balanced success and discover techniques to help resolve moral and ethical dilemmas and avoid justifying unethical decisions.
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Occupational fraud might be more common than many think, particularly because some experts argue that the economic downturn might be leading more people to commit it. John Borbi will share his personal story - a successful career as one of the nation's former leading financial advisors and investment specialists for seven years, managing close to $100 million for his clients. He spent years creating the perfect life, and then watched it all vanish as he made unethical choices and suffered the consequences of those choices - two years in federal prison. John's story will help you discover that learning the warning signs and stopping unethical behavior before it occurs is a strategic risk management imperative. You need to be aware of moral and ethical temptations your employees face every day, and the justifications they may use daily - which increase their chances of making poor unethical choices.  You will leave this session with the knowledge necessary to make sure your policies and code of conduct properly address these scenarios.