What Video Games Can Teach Us About Employee Engagement

SHRM 2012 Talent Management Conference
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Workplace Application: Applying four key gaming concepts to talent management efforts will help attendees assess and improve employee engagement and morale.

What if your company's recruiting, onboarding and talent programs inspired employees to engage their jobs with the passion they display when playing on their Wiis or Xboxes? The innovative new trend gamification draws on game design techniques to create fun and engaging experiences for the user. Using this new gamification technique in your workplace could dramatically improve every engagement measure you can think of. How do game designers grab  players’ attention and keep them engaged for hours and hours? It's not by accident; game designers use sophisticated tools and solid concepts to create successful programs. Attend this sessoin and learn some of the gaming concepts you can use right away to engage your employees and integrate them into your talent management/engagement strategy.