MEGA SESSION: Reality-Based Leadership™: Ditch the Drama, Restore Sanity to the Workplace and Turn Excuses Into Results

SHRM 2013 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: This session will provide an innovative and revolutionary look at the role of HR in your organization.
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These are challenging times for our businesses. In leadership, we must become willing to admit that the ways in which we have taught leaders to lead over the years is simply not working. These times are calling for a new type of leader, one who can bring peace, sanity and results back to the workplace! In this session, Wakeman teaches the key principles of her new wave of Reality-Based LeadershipTM that you can apply to your work place and in your coaching opportunities. You will be able to re-evaluate the work leaders have done to date in your company so that you can transform your tools, programs, and philosophies into ones that actually work and that leaders will actually use.