Social Media Background Checks: How to Legally Utilize Social Media in the Recruitment Process

SHRM 2015 Talent Management Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: Learn what you should and should not be doing when using social media to screen job candidates to ensure you are in compliance.
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Repeated Wednesday at 9:45 a.m.

In today's instant information gratification world, you can easily find professional and personal information on a job candidate with just a few keystrokes. It is critical for you to be aware of the rising legal risks when looking up candidates on a social network or search engine. Jason Morris shares both the risks and rewards of screening job candidates online. Addressing the use of both for screening and recruiting purposes, he uncovers recent statistics regarding employer's use of social media. With the utmost concern for protecting your organization, Morris explains the legal concerns including privacy, discrimination, and accuracy which cover the potential risk for those using social media in the recruiting and hiring process. You will learn:

  • How to legally use social media and the internet in your recruiting and hiring process.
  • Potential legal risks of screening job candidates using the internet and social media.
  • The seven do's and don'ts to remember when using social media to screen job candidates.