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The New People Pact: Reinventing the Employer-Employee Compact In An Entrepreneurial Age
Grande Ballroom BC
Tuesday 10/01/2013 04:00 PM - 05:00 PM   Add to calendar
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You’ll get inspiring new perspectives on how great people, like great companies, are always evolving - they’re never finished and never fully developed. This session will help you understand how to take this point of view and turn it into personal and professional success. 

If you want to recruit, train, and retain the best people for your company, understand this: the old employer employee compact is dead. Stability doesn’t rule. In today’s entrepreneurial age, the best employees are not pledging lifelong loyalty to your company. Instead, they want to be “entrepreneurial” at work -- and they’ll readily leave if they don’t feel like they are growing personally and professionally. Don’t shy away from this reality; embrace it. Entrepreneurial employees drive business success. These are the creative, adaptive superstars who make your company adaptive. Learn from Silicon Valley, which has long nurtured this kind of talent via a different sort of HR strategy.

Based on his forthcoming book from Harvard Business Review Press, Ben presents a revolutionary way to make a new people pact work for our company. You will learn:

How to create a mutually beneficial relationship between your company and employees that’s based on reciprocity - a two-way flow of value.

  • How to craft 2-4 year “tours of duty” with your key employees that ultimately boosts retention.
  • Why it’s a good thing for your employees to keep their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date.
  • The surprising importance of a “corporate alumni network” -- and how to form one for your own organization.
  • The little things that Netflix, Amazon, LinkedIn and others do to support entrepreneurial employees who want to take risks, grow their network, and build their personal brand while working a 9-5 job.
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Ben Casnocha, entrepreneur and author