The Rise and Risks of the Contingent Workforce

2014 Talent Management Conference
Workplace Application: This session will examine the reasons behind the growth of this workforce and the advantages of using temporary labor to achieve your business objectives.

Utilizing temporary labor can provide significant cost savings over taking on the burden of permanent employees.  However, there are risks involved when employing contingent workers and potential mistakes can be very costly. You will learn about the risks you need to consider when employing contingent workers including independent contractor misclassification and co-employment issues. Lastly, you will learn key strategies to mitigate your risk such as wisely selecting workforce employers, separating sourcing workers from employment, and conforming to internal best practices.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 3:15pm to 4:30pm

Bill Inman


Bill Inman is a 15-year veteran in the human resources industry who has served in executive leadership positions at several of the nation’s largest contingent workforce management and staffing companies. Currently, he is president of Emergent, a Los Angeles based contingent workforce employer and wholly owned subsid-iary of GEP Administrative Services, Inc., which ranks among the largest employers of contingent labor in the U.S.

Bill has positioned his company as an industry game changer, introducing solutions to disrupt the traditional staffing services market. Emergent is radically changing the way companies engage temporary and project-based contingent workers, providing a compliant employment platform that helps companies source their own contingent workforces to reduce their labor costs, minimize their compliance risk and improve their overall workforce productivity. With his leadership and continued innovation, Emergent will continue to grow as a significant player in the contingent workforce marketplace.

Lincoln CDE
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