Translate a Military Resume and Tips for Interviewing Veterans

2014 Talent Management Conference
Workplace Application: This session will provide you with tools and techniques to be able to translate a veteran's Military Occupational Code as well as understand military grades and ranks and how they relate to the skills you need as well as salary expectations.

It may not sound like it, but an “Anti-Submarine Warfare Control System Level II Technician” could be a great asset to your team. But you'll never know until you learn how to make sense of “foreign” job titles and cryptic job codes on the typical military resume. More proactively, you want to develop a crosswalk between your most common open positions and the military skill set so you can better source the correct talent. Rosser will show you how to develop a crosswalk between your hiring needs and military skill sets and ask great questions that will more directly help you determine the service member's transferable skills.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014 - 3:15pm to 4:30pm

Lisa Rosser


Lisa Rosser is on a mission to help organizations improve their veteran recruiting and retention. Her unique background with years of experience in both military and human resources is what makes her the ideal person for training human resource professionals how to recruit, hire, and retain military veterans for employment.

Lisa's military career includes 10 years of Active Army duty and 11 years of service with the Army Reserve, including 2-1/2 years of mobilization after the events of 9-11. During her Active Duty time she participated in 3 major engagements (Gulf War, Somalia, and Bosnia). Her Army Reserve career focused on operations and performance management, recruiting, placement, training, and skills development. She retired from the Army Reserve in July 2011 at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Lisa's civilian career capitalized on her Human Resources and Training military experiences into an eight year career at Accenture, a Global Fortune 500 consulting firm. In 2007, Lisa founded The Value Of a Veteran and published an employer guide to recruiting the military. The enthusiastic response to the hiring guide led to workshops for corporate, government and higher education organizations, as well as webinars on critical military hiring topics.

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