Treating Candidates as.... Equals: The Future of Work Depends on It

Treating Candidates as.... Equals: The Future of Work Depends on It

SHRM 2013 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: You will learn new ways of to align your recruiting function to your organization’s mission, goals, strategies and tactics.
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What exactly would it mean if candidates and employers were “equals” when it comes to sharing information about themselves during the business process we call recruiting? Would it change how you present yourself as a desirable company to work for? Would we be required to tell the truth about the pay, the challenges, the previous incumbent…and more? Would it make a difference in the quality of candidates that applied? This session will answer these questions and more as we explore who really thinks of candidates as equals.

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Monday, June 17, 2013 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Gerry Crispin, SPHR

Crispin, SPHR

Gerry Crispin, SPHR is a former practitioner, Co-author of eight books and over 100 articles, and a Life-long student of Staffing. Gerry facilitates the CareerXroads Colloquium – a series of intense, small-group meetings for staffing leaders from some of the world’s largest firms to share staffing best practices.

A long time SHRM volunteer, Gerry currently leads a national standards task force of more than 100 volunteers working to establish standards for recruiting that meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

One indicator that Gerry still sees himself as a student and keeps his perspective fresh is his travels around the world to watch, interview and observe recruiters, job seekers and employers. He has been to more than 20 countries in the last decade including China, Japan, Australia, Russia and India.

Follow Gerry on Twitter @GerryCrispin.

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Early Career
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