A Global HR: Diversity to the Next Level

A Global HR: Diversity to the Next Level

SHRM 2011 Annual Conference
To achieve results, managers and leaders are increasingly requiring at least a modicum of familiarity and competence at performing effectively in multicultural environments, thus we need to remain ahead of them in our own level of multicultural competence
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Track: International HR

Many U.S.-based professionals perceive diversity from a US-centric point of view, and haven’t yet benefited much from the considerable research, experience and insights in multicultural competency from an international viewpoint. This matters to all HR practitioners as the world shrinks in an ongoing process of growing interdependence. Building on your diversity awareness, this session strengthens our professional effectiveness by experientially increasing our cultural self-awareness and placing it within a multicultural context.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011 - 10:00am to 11:15am

Enrique J. Zaldivar

Enrique J.
Enrique Zaldivar is an international leadership development consultant, speaker, and executive coach, with over 30 years of leadership experience. Since 2001, he is a partner at Inspired-Inc.,international OD consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders and organizations manage change. To date, over 1,000 managers and executives have benefitted directly by the coaching, facilitating and training provided by Enrique. They are leaders in Fortune-500 multinationals, NGOs, governments and international organizations, in over 30 countries, 5 continents. Enrique is a board member of AKRI, teaches diversity/multicultural competency at AU/NTL, and holds advanced degrees from universities in México and the US. He enjoys practicing yoga and meditation daily, playing tennis, reading and painting oil canvases.
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