Backseat Driving: Leading the Business from HR

SHRM 2012 Annual Conference
You will learn how to create the credibility necessary to become a true business leader within your organization.
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Steve Forbes says that HR will lead America's recovery. What does that mean, exactly? HR leadership must LEAD, not just HR, but act as key leadership for the ENTIRE organization.    This sessino will help you identify and understand many of the business levers directly impacted by HR, then pinpoint those specific behaviors that establish the credibility necessary to become/continue as a significant leadership presence within the organization.  Behaviors such as:  Making kings' and 'building empires' are NOT the same thing ; Ring-knocking, secret handshakes and passwords; how do you get in?; and the Three Musketeers compensation model.  This high-energy session is laced with anecdotes and stories, and will provide usable, practical advice on driving real organizational success from the HR leadership role.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012 - 11:30am to 12:45pm

D. Kevin Berchelmann

D. Kevin
Berchelmann, SPHR

D. Kevin Berchelmann, president, CEO and principal consultant at Triangle Performance, LLC, is a highly acclaimed strategist and thought leader in executive, management and organization performance.

Berchelmann believes that leadership is a learned skill, and management performance can successfully change the course of any organization. The key is in the “learning,” and contrary to the plethora of trainers in this business, few can actually “develop” leaders successfully. Simply put, it’s not as easy as it looks.

From executive team building, strategy development and compensation, to individualized coaching, performance improvement and retention, Berchelmann has been incredibly successful in delivering results and measurable value in this critical environment.

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Concurrent Session
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