Executive Compensation: The Pay Problem

SHRM 2013 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: This session will address the often controversial issue of executive compensation versus employee compensation.
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Join Don Delves as he provides an overview of the history of executive compensation and weaves a fascinating tale, supported by compelling data and examples, and examines the data on both CEO pay and employee pay – wages for the “other 80%” or so of the population. The data tell a sobering story which creates problems for employee motivation, corporate growth, the growth of our economy, and the ability of people to save for retirement. But, what can we as HR professionals do about it? Delves asserts that it is our job to empower employees to make meaningful positive differences in company performance, and to share some of those gains with those employees. He will provide examples on how to develop and implement such programs in the growing service industries.

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Monday, June 17, 2013 - 10:45am to 12:00pm

Don Delves


Don Delves has over 20 years of consulting experience. In 2002, he founded The Delves Group, a Chicago-based consultancy dedicated to working with boards, compensation committees, senior executive teams, and sales forces to improve their effectiveness and the way they are organized, directed, and rewarded. He is a Certified Public Accountant, and recently served as president of the Chicago Compensation Association.

Prior to founding The Delves Group, Delves was the Managing Director of the Chicago office of iQuantic, a Senior Consultant at Sibson and Company, and an executive compensation consultant with Towers Perrin. He has also served as a manager in personal financial planning and taxation with Arthur Andersen & Co., and as a financial consultant for Harris Bank. Delves is a recognized expert on corporate governance, executive and sales force compensation, incentive design, performance measurement and value creation, and writes and speaks regularly on these subjects.

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