MEGA SESSION: Marvels of Engagement: What Our Favorite Superheroes Teach about Passion in the Workplace

SHRM 2013 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: Utilizing pop culture as a mnemonic device, this session teaches you how to execute under-utilized strategies to increase employee engagement.
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When Metropolis was in danger, would Superman have run to our aid faster than a speeding bullet if he didn't love his job?  Without a sense of urgency at work, would the Avengers have done much avenging at all?  From modern big screen adaptations to comic book classics, our favorite superheroes are constantly expending extra discretionary effort to get the job done.  And while a cape may not fit your office dress code, there's still a lot they can teach us about inspiring passion in the workplace!  In this session, Philippe discusses new findings and best practices for driving employee engagement, teaching through the fun, memorable lens of classic superhero mythos.  Filled with interactive polls, guided Q&A, and multimedia, this session will provide everything you need to inspire your managers and bring a real sense of fun to engaging your workforce.

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Monday, June 17, 2013 - 7:00am to 8:15am

Murat Philippe


Murat Philippe is Principal Consultant at Avatar HR Solutions and has worked in social sciences for over 15 years. At Avatar, he functions as a key analyst and has been vital to revolutionizing the organization’s employee engagement philosophy, developing several of the firm’s signature reports, and conducting breakthrough research into the linkage between diversity and engagement. An expert on employee engagement, change management, and leadership development, Murat is frequently a featured speaker at conferences nationwide. To learn more about Murat’s work at Avatar HR Solutions, visit

S100BC Ballroom
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Mega Session
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