The Missing Link to Solving the Leadership Gender Gap

SHRM 2013 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: You will discover a groundbreaking and research-based missing link that will help advance women into leadership positions.
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Despite decades of effort, why is the percentage of women in leadership still so small?  Based on 10 years of research, Feldhahn identifies the unwritten, and often subconscious, expectations and perceptions held by most men that may become obstacles for women. You will learn several often unrecognized, but critical, reasons for the gap of female advancement into leadership resulting in your ability to design programs and help women overcome obstacles arising from the common, unstated expectations of male bosses, colleagues, subordinates and clients.  You will have immediate ability to help women increase their influence and effectiveness to become leaders chosen for and in the pipeline -- elevating potentially excellent leaders who might otherwise have been considered just good “utility players.”

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Monday, June 17, 2013 - 7:00am to 8:15am

Shaunti C. Feldhahn

Shaunti C.

Shaunti Feldhahn is a popular public speaker, research analyst and best-selling author with 2 million copies of her books sold in 22 different languages. Shaunti holds a Master in Public Policy with a concentration in business from Harvard University, and worked on Wall Street as an analyst and on Capitol Hill before becoming a surprise bestselling author and relationship researcher. This wife of attorney-entrepreneur Jeff Feldhahn and mother of two, now applies her analytical skills to uncovering and passing along the startling research of what men and women each privately think in the workplace but rarely share; perceptions that often fundamentally affect their colleagues.

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