Session #901: You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing - Maximize Your Influence, Your Relationships, Your Life

SHRM 2013 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: You will discover innovative secrets to building extraordinary relationships with employees, peers, vendors, customers...or members of your own family.
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Mary Jane Mapes, communication/leadership strategist shares her laugh-out-loud insights with HR professionals who are expected to be a positive influence, even when dealing with PIGs – those Pesky Incessant Gripers, Painfully Intolerable Gasbags, or Pompous Inane Glory-hounds. This session offers new, eye-opening ways to turn around the most resistant, resentful, or reluctant person and get them working with you instead of against you. By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify three components of a relationship vision that gets you the outcomes you desire.
  • Describe two ways to create an instant connection, even with the most difficult employees.
  • Practice a strategy that allows you to self-manage and choose your behavior, critical for managing conflict.
  • Discover how to keep yourself from infecting the environment with negativity.
  • Learn a powerful strategy to motivate employees to produce at their best – every time.
  • Increase your competence and confidence in dealing with less-than-perfect people (everyone, including yourself)... Resulting in stronger relationships, greater employee retention, and increased productivity and profitability.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013 - 12:30pm to 2:00pm

MaryJane Mapes



Mary Jane Mapes, MA, CSP, founder and president of The Aligned Leader Institute, a leadership development organization, is an award winning communication/leadership consultant with a track record of successes with such organizations as Avon Products, Inc., Kmart Corporation, Eaton Corporation, Dominos Pizza, Trinity Health System, and National Data Management Association. Her commitment to sharing what she has learned about management, leadership, and successful relationships has led to a great demand for her services as a keynote speaker, seminar leader, and executive coach.

Mary Jane has developed unique, powerful keynotes and seminars designed to energize your entire group. She has spoken before thousands of professionals from corporations and associations, sharing her expertise on leadership, customer service, interpersonal relationships, and personal growth. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, one of only three people to have ever received the prestigious Charles Leadership Award granted by NSA-MI for outstanding leadership, past president of the National Speakers Association – Michigan Chapter, as well board/committee member of several local professional associations and non-profit organizations. Mary Jane has shared the stage with such notables as the late Art Linkletter and author Bernie Siegel.

For the multitudes that have heard her speak, Mary Jane is known for her powerful storytelling ability that allows her to transport her audience into the picture and leave them with unforgettable insights into the dynamics of human relationships–the bedrock of true leadership. Her storytelling ability, along with her infectious energy, humor, authenticity, and interaction with the audience has made her a rare speaker whose messages are memorable for years to come. Each year she speaks extensively at conferences, association meetings, corporations and conventions, stimulating her audience to achieve new levels of professional and personal growth.

In addition to being a sought-after professional speaker, she is an author of three books: You CAN Teach a Pig to Sing – Create a Great Relationship with Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere" , The Art of Fielding Questions with Finesse, and the soon to be released book she is writing with co-author Marilynn Semonick Women Leaders Who Have Achieved Uncommon Success. She has also authored numerous published articles. 

S406 Vista Ballroom
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HR Credit
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Sunday Session
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All Levels
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