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Optimism Can Take You Anywhere
Islander Ballroom D-G
Monday 04/15/2013 03:00 PM - 04:15 PM   Add to calendar
1.00 HR Credit
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Optimism Can Take You Anywhere 


Chief Creative Optimist John Jacobs created Jake, the company’s optimistic icon, and the three simple words beneath that became the company’s name – Life is good – in 1994. Since then he and his brother Bert have been spreading the power of optimism, growing their brand into one of the hottest and best recognized in the apparel industry. Innovative initiatives, like the company’s Genuine Neighborhood Shoppes program, keep the Life is good brand fresh and growing. The company also demonstrates a unique and unwavering commitment to its core social mission that goes well beyond cause marketing. Jacobs’ lessons on branding, leadership and corporate social responsibility are applicable to organizations of all sizes.


“Happiness is a choice. Some people face difficult adversity, but Jake reminds us to take control of that choice and appreciate what we have instead of thinking of what we could have.”

John Jacobs Photo
John Jacobs, Chief Creative Optimist,
The Life is Good Company