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Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Help Us Achieve Extraordinary Goals
Islander Ballroom D-G
Tuesday 04/16/2013 08:30 AM - 09:45 AM   Add to calendar
1.00 HR Credit
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Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Help Us Achieve Extraordinary Goals 


We spend three billion hours a week as a planet playing computer and videogames. Gaming is actually one of the most productive ways we can spend our time — it produces positive emotion, stronger social relationships and a sense of accomplish­ment. Scientific research shows that all of these feelings and activities can trickle into our real lives and impact our real-life confidence, ambition, likabil­ity and willingness to help others. In fact, when we play a good game, we become the best version of ourselves: the most optimistic, most creative, most focused, most collaborative, the most likely to set ambitious goals, the most resilient in the face of failure. In this talk, find out how you can unlock the power of games to achieve extraor­dinary goals and how gaming can become a source of innovation and collaboration for your organization. Game designer and futurist Jane McGonigal explains how games optimize human ability and shows you games that are harnessing the power of collective intelligence to solve real-world problems.


“I think inspiration always has a use. I think the ultimate good in any action is to reduce suffering. Inspiration counts.”

Jane McGonigal Photo
Jane McGonigal, Creative Director, Social Chocolate. Author of The New York Times best seller, Reality Is Broken.