Reality-Based Inclusion

SHRM 2015 Annual Conference
You'll learn the common challenges around diversity and inclusion and strategies to build an environment of accountability.
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Organizations are working diligently to increase the levels of diversity in their workplaces because they understand the value that different thoughts and experiences can bring. While creating diverse teams will result in better outcomes, the journey can sometimes be more difficult for some than others. This session will provide you with:

  • Simple yet powerful strategies to move from a mentality of learned helplessness to personal accountability.
  • Techniques to conserve energy and direct it towards thoughts and actions that lead to positive results.
  • An understanding of the typical individual responses to change events and how these responses can be more detrimental if you are not in the "power" group.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Nicole Price


When Nicole Price began her first leadership assignment based on popular and conventional leadership wisdom, she initially found that she was not seeing successful results and, in fact, saw a drop in the level of accountability her team was projecting. Pretty quickly, she learned that there was a better way to achieve results through incorporating a philosophy similar to that of Cy Wakeman's Reality-Based LeadershipTM. She made a fundamental shift in her mindset to call her team to greatness through ditching the drama and finding success in spite of the circumstances and  facts that held them back. She has been living this idea and helping other leaders to gain similar insights ever since. It is no wonder why she and Cy became forces to be reckoned with when they started collaborating in 2011. Since that time, Nicole has created training programs and promoted the idea of bulletproofing employees rather than focusing efforts to try and perfect their circumstances and realities.

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Concurrent Session
Global & Cultural Effectiveness
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