My Candidate Has a Criminal Record. Now What?

SHRM 2015 Talent Management Conference & Exposition
Workplace Application: This session provides legal guidance and best practice tips for hiring managers and recruiters when your candidate has a criminal record.
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You think you've finally found the perfect candidate, but then you find out that he/she has a criminal record. Maybe your candidate fessed up on a job application or in an interview. Or the background check came back with a rap sheet as long as your arm. Or maybe you saw something on his/her Twitter account that gives you pause. Now what? This session looks at the possible things that can go wrong with a candidate's background, and helps you navigate the legal landscape of what to do next. This session will help you:

  • Identify the types of information that could potentially disqualify a candidate, like social media posts, interview information or criminal convictions.
  • Understand the key legal issues at stake when dealing with negative information in a background check, including EEOC guidance, the FCRA, privacy laws, Ban the Box, as well as state and local laws.
  • Identify the best legal practices for dealing with your candidate's criminal information or other negative information, with a focus on avoiding the risk of litigation and maintaining a positive candidate experience.
  • Determine practical tips for policies and guidelines to protect you throughout the recruiting process.