Intrapreneurship: The Edge to Success

SHRM 2012 Strategy Conference
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One of “America’s Best Leaders” according to U.S. News & World Report, Linda Rottenberg inspires and instructs corporate managers to become “intrapreneurs,” or employees who devise entrepreneurial solutions. Discover your organization’s entrepreneurial potential and learn how to foster a culture of innovation from the pioneer of High-Impact Entrepreneurship. Using inspirational examples of world-class entrepreneurs supported by her organization, Rottenberg shares lessons on topics such as: using chaos as a catalyst; minnovating (innovating in small steps); scaling teams (including decentralized ones) in a unified way; building trust in business relationships; and fostering “psychic equity” within a team or company to ensure shared goals.

“After 20 years of traveling from Rio to Cairo, Johannesburg to New Delhi to Istanbul, I have come to understand the power of thinking BIG and thinking globally; you cannot understand the world today without understanding what is happening in emerging markets. And I believe even the world’s largest corporations can integrate an entrepreneurial mindset into their culture.” –Linda Rottenberg