MEGA SESSION: Agile Working: Transforming the Culture of Working at Unilever

SHRM 2013 Annual Conference
Workplace Application: You will learn how agile working is critical to any business by hearing how Unilever implemented a global culture change to one of flexibility.
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Unilever is in process of executing a large scale cultural sh ift in how work is done across the business called Agile Working. This has involved implementation of flexible working practices, innovatively designed office facilities, and virtual collaboration technologies that allow people to work anytime and anywhere, as long as business requirements are met. Raia will present the business case Agile Working, how it is being implemented at Unilever, results achieved to date, and important lessons learned during the change process. He will also discuss how Agile Working can be a key component of any company's strategy for attracting and engaging top talent, reducing costs and environmental impact, and increasing organizational effectiveness. Hear key outcomes, challenges, and successes and learnings that Unilever has experienced while implementing a global culture change around Agile Working.