The Accent Challenge - Use the Expertise without Losing the Customer

SHRM 2011 Annual Conference
This session will show you how to improve intelligibility and communication for international speakers of English in the workplace.
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Track: International HR

As we recruit internationally to fill specific niches, contract internationally for outsourced services, or hire from ethnically diverse pools, the communication conflict that accompanies varied accents and communication styles becomes a customer service and efficiency barrier. This session will discuss training and development strategies for communication and intelligibility, including setting performance guidelines and maintaining appropriate anti-discrimination practices.

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Monday, June 27, 2011 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Lori G. O'Hara, CCC-SLP

Lori G.
Lori O'Hara is speech-language pathologist, writer and public speaker. Using her clinical background as a foundation, she teaches businesses to use excellence in communication as a pathway to efficiency and unparalleled service. Lori has brought the principles of communication in business and systems development to industries from health care to manufacturing. She has also authored articles on supervision, management, clinical practice development and speech and language acquisition.
LVCC N210-212
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Global Credit
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