The Changing Landscape of Health Care Reform: Key Changes That Will Affect Employers & Employees
Monday 06/27/2011 07:00 AM - 08:15 AM   Add to calendar
Focus Areas:
Workplace Application:
This session will provide you with information that focuses on the key milestones, components, facts and provisions of the new law and addressing the available tools to help you manage cost implications for Health Care Reform. 

Track: Total Rewards

How will health care reform related costs impact your company and employees? This session will provide you with an overview of where we are in the reform journey and the significant market shifts that will occur over the next few years. Near-term impacts and choices, impacts to consider by 2014, financial implications and workforce issues will be provided. This session will also discuss how to factor these issues into your decision making process as well as address health care benefits, the workforce needs and integrating those plans into your company’s business strategy. This session will cover:

• Planning, implementation and benefit changes.
• Understanding how health care reform should factor in to your decisions on health care benefits and workforce development.
• Providing guidance on implementing programs to engage your employees to become more involved in their health care to help lower costs.
In closing, discuss the importance of having strategic plans to address health care and the workforce needs – and integrating those plans into your companies business strategies now and in the future.

Mohit Ghose, head of Public Affairs,
Aetna Public Affairs, Hartford, Conn.