Key Labour Laws In India: Structure and Working
LVCC N202-204
Monday 06/27/2011 04:00 PM - 05:15 PM   Add to calendar
1.25 Global Credit
Workplace Application:
This session will share how to promote peaceful employee relations by compliance of the labor law and avoid a situation like the Bhopal Gas tragedy. 

Track: International HR

India has some 60 pieces of federal labor legislation, which sometimes discourages MNCs to invest in India. This presentation deals with the structure and working of some of the key Indian labor laws including Contract Labor Act; Industrial Disputes Act; Trade Unions Act; Factories Act; and Employee Compensation Act. This session will also focus on how to overcome the difficult aspects of the law.

Debi S. Saini, GPHR Photo
Debi S. Saini, GPHR, professor,
Management Development Institute