MEGA SESSION: Strategic Leadership Development Takes Flight: The American Airlines Story
Hilton Pavilion 2
Monday 06/27/2011 07:00 AM - 08:15 AM   Add to calendar
Focus Areas:
Workplace Application:
You will learn fundamental guiding principles and practical methods for implementing a successful and business relevant leadership development program. 

Track: Personal & Leadership Development

The effectiveness of leaders, their alignment with the business strategy, and their ability to grow and develop internal talent are critical in today’s competitive landscape especially in the tumultuous airline industry. Yet often leadership development programs fail to have the impact on the business that HR envisions. Through this session, you will learn American Airlines strategic approach to leadership development and their key components of success engaging key leaders to reinforce the development experience; delivering relevant and personalized content; creating a sustainable experience; and the deliberate alignment with business objectives and other talent management efforts.

William Mitchell, managing director, Leadership Planning & Performance,
American Airlines, Inc.