Secrets of a Plaintiffs' Attorney
Monday 06/27/2011 04:00 PM - 05:15 PM   Add to calendar
1.25 HR Credit
Focus Areas:
Workplace Application:
Gain insight into how an organizationï¾’s practices, policies, training, and conduct (or lack thereof) can hurt or help in litigation of employment law disputes. 

Track: Employment Law & Legislation

Some employers make litigation worse for themselves without knowing it. You will find out from an attorney who represents both employees and employers what makes some employers targets for legal claims and how some of them make things worse after the case is brought. Through real-life examples you will learn preventative steps that turn off attorneys in the first place and how to give your organization the best shot at success if the dreaded lawsuit arrives. Just don’t tell any plaintiff’s lawyers where you learned this!

Whitney Warner, SPHR Photo
Whitney Warner, SPHR, founding partner,
Moody & Warner, PC