Stop Workplace Drama: Skills for Navigating Change, Promoting Engagement and Building Collaboration

2014 Talent Management Conference
Workplace Application: Learn the three core components that contribute to workplace drama and three communication strategies to reduce resistance and promote healthy workplace relationships.

Nothing drains energy and prevents collaboration than workplace drama. Whether in the form of negativity, complaining, or resistance, drama is an obstacle to collaboration and employee engagement. Marlene Chism offers a new language, practical application and fascinating imagery to illustrate the intimate connection between personal drama and workplace drama while offering communication skills to increase engagement, promote collaboration, and enhance your management skills. You will learn to identify three root causes of drama that inhibit personal responsibility as well as coaching techniques (Tools for Transformation) by applying three communication skills to reduce resistance and promote healthy workplace relationships.

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Monday, April 28, 2014 - 1:30pm to 2:45pm

Marlene Dee Chism

Marlene Dee

Marlene Chism is a consultant, speaker and author of Stop Workplace Drama, (Wiley 2011.) Marlene is a seasoned national speaker who has the unique ability to speak across the boundaries of many types of audiences: from the fortune 500 executives to managers dealing with workplace drama to franchise owners, small business owners and nonprofit CEOs.

On stage, Marlene is an engaging story-teller with the ability to take complex subjects and universal principles and make them immediately applicable to her audience. She is known for her thought-provoking yet down to earth practicality, her sharp wit, balanced by a sense of humor and her ability to create an intellectually stimulating and transformational experience.

Marlene brings her experience in manufacturing, business, entrepreneurialism, and story of reinvention to engage and inspire her audiences to discover, develop and deliver their unique gifts to the workplace and to the world.

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