Leading Gen X To Gen Next (Round-About Leadership™)

SHRM 2012 Annual Conference
This presentation will show you the most effective leadership techniques to use with the various generations in the workplace.
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What's the matter with kids today? Especially the ones we just hired? Increasingly, Baby Boomers are expressing a frustration with their new hires. The youngsters that got hired for their new ideas and are now disrupting the workplace trying to implement those new ideas. When it was just Baby Boomers, things worked reasonably well. Now we've got all these 'others'. Young people now entering the workforce have been tagged with a multiplicity of nicknames: 'Gen X,' 'Gen Y,' 'Echo Boomers,' and 'Millennials,' to name a few. And all this is causing a growing generational conflict in the workplace. How do you minimize the conflicts and at the same time lead all these 'others' effectively? The session will present the 'Round-About Leadership' Process to teach techniques for effectively leading the 'others' as well as teach Gen X'ers how to effectively lead those that are just a little older than them.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012 - 10:45am to 12:00pm

Arthur D. Jackson

Arthur D.

Arthur D. Jackson is a professional speaker, executive coach and the President of Eagles Nest Performance Management, Inc. He is a recognized expert in the areas of leadership, performance improvement and interpersonal skills. Art is the originator of the Purpose Centered Leadership™ system that has been used to improve performance in many facets of public and private life. Art is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Art is the author of the diversity and inclusion book, Lions and Tigers and Bears – Oh My (1st Book Library, 2003) and the performance improvement book entitled, Hangin’ Round The Barrel – How To Get Paid Everything You’re Worth and Be Worth Everything You’re Paid (AuthorHouse 2015).

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