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Litigation Is Not Accommodating: How Failure To Accommodate Claims Look In Court
Wednesday 06/27/2012 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM   Add to calendar
1.25 HR Credit
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Learn how to anticipate litigation challenges before there is litigation, how to handle common ADA issues, and how to best defend litigation. 

This is the sequel to the very popular 'How Would This Look In Court?'  This program provides a window into how ADA claims play out in court, using excerpts from the deposition of a HR professional to show how things can go wrong, or right, in litigation.  Video vignettes are used to show common fact patterns involving accommodation requests and other disability issues, followed by education through deposition excerpts in which the HR professional is interrogated regarding the way things were handled.  You will learn how to think ahead to litigation when handling ADA issues, and how to prepare for and respond to common litigation challenges.  Litigation topics addressed will include the discovery process, depositions, and preserving evidence.  ADA topics addressed will include reasonable accommodation, the interactive process, proving undue hardship, and disability discrimination.

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John Mark Polson, partner,
Fisher & Phillips, LLP