In The Year 2525

SHRM 2012 Annual Conference
This session will help you understand the employment trends: where we were, where we are and where we are going.
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Remember 2008:  the economy was strong; you were hiring like mad; you looked at your 401k for a smile; wage and hour claims were not as common as sunrises; and social media was cutting edge only for kids?  Think of where we are now.  2008 might as well be 1908.  Flash forward to 2525.  2012 will be as unrecognizable as 2008 is to us now.  What might we expect?  Wage and hour claim will focus on the virtual workplace.  There will be more age claims by baby boomers who cannot or will not retire but who are let go.  White men will be a minority in some companies and we will see more claims by them.  Now that we are all disabled based on the amendments to the ADA, we will see more ADA claims.  You will need accommodations to handle the stress of all the other accommodations.  The way things are going, the NLRB could impose mandatory unionization…well not exactly, but close.  Customers will demand more immediate service but employees will demand more work-life balance.  Slight conflict there.  More of what we do in HR will be outsourced to save money so we need to figure out how to provide strategic value so we have value.  And we have to do that without losing our minds….whatever is left of them.  These and other issues will be discussed.  This session will include no sarcasm.

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Monday, June 25, 2012 - 10:45am to 12:00pm

Jonathan A. Segal

Jonathan A.

Jonathan is a partner at Duane Morris in its Employment Practice Group.


Jonathan provides counseling, strategic planning, leadership training, policy development and/or privileged audits in areas including harassment, pay equity, wage and hour compliance, criminal background checks, high-level terminations and investigations of misconduct.


Jonathan has provided training to federal judges on various employment issues across the country for 20 years.


Jonathan testified before the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues on how employers can prevent and respond to harassment in Male-Dominated Jobs.


Jonathan was appointed by the EEOC in 2015 to its Select Task Force on Harassment.

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Concurrent Session
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