Tough Love II: What Your Employees Won’t Tell You About HR, But I Will

SHRM 2013 Employment Law and Legislative Conference
Tough Love II: What Your Employees Won’t Tell You About HR, But I Will
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Workplace Application:  If perception is reality, we all benefit when know the perceptions held by our employees.

The use of “plain-speak” and not “HR-speak” is just one example of the recommendations provided at last year’s Tough Love presentation. This year, in Part II, the presenter will tell you what your employees may not tell you, no matter how open and accessible you may be. Situations (and examples) explained include:

  • Platitudes that make employees bristle. (“You are our most valuable resource.” Really?)
  • Being so careful to avoid legal risk that you come off as cold and unfeeling, and employees are disappointed. (You don’t ask an employee who is visibly upset what’s wrong, for fear they may answer.)
  •  Claims and occurrences that employees should bring to HR, but often don’t. (Off-the-clock work; union activity.)
  • When employees need help from HR but are afraid to ask. (About the equal-opportunity bully who also brings in big dollars.)
  • Employees' perception of the mediator role that HR often plays. (Sometimes very different from how we see it.)
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Monday, March 11, 2013 - 10:15am to 11:45am

Jonathan A. Segal

Jonathan A.

Jonathan is a partner at Duane Morris in its Employment Practice Group.


Jonathan provides counseling, strategic planning, leadership training, policy development and/or privileged audits in areas including harassment, pay equity, wage and hour compliance, criminal background checks, high-level terminations and investigations of misconduct.


Jonathan has provided training to federal judges on various employment issues across the country for 20 years.


Jonathan testified before the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues on how employers can prevent and respond to harassment in Male-Dominated Jobs.


Jonathan was appointed by the EEOC in 2015 to its Select Task Force on Harassment.

Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill
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