Henry Browning


Prior to joining CCL, Henry worked as a trainer and facilitator for several nationally recognized experiential training programs specializing in organizational development. Having started his career with Outward Bound, an internationally recognized human potential/personal growth organization, Henry was asked in 2002 to take on the role of Executive Director and lead one of the chartered entities through a very difficult transition. After three years of work, he returned to the consulting arena with a newfound respect for the senior executive position.

As an expert in individual, group, and organizational performance development, Henry focuses on assisting individuals to improve their impact in leadership roles and processes, developing high performance management and project teams, and working with the Senior Executive Team leading organizational change. As a process-oriented consultant and educator, Henry designs, delivers, and facilitates training programs that accent diversity, team learning, and whole- systems thinking. He focuses his practice on understanding group dynamics in teams, team leadership, and leadership excellence.